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In the last 25 years, the activity of Fratelli D’Amato has been increased through a chartering department that has developed profitable relationships with a range of customers carrying dry cargo.
Some notable customers include: Baumarine - Oslo; Atc Reynolds - Richmond; Enel - Roma; Cargill - Ginevra; Bunge - Ginevra; Ispat - Londra; Cobelfret - Bruxelles; Dreyfuss - Parigi. This makes for a transported total of about 15 million tons per year (3.5 million in minerals, 5.5 million in coal, and 6.0 million in grains).

Shiploads areas are: Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, the Gulf of Mexico, both coasts of North America, Canada, North and South Africa, West Africa, Australia, Indonesia and Northern Europe.
Unloads areas are: the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Japan and China.

This traffic is carried out by a fleet of 40 “Panamax” bulk carriers chartered from the main ship owners of the world, such as: Onassis from London; Niarcos from Athens; Oetker from Hamburg; Oldendorff from Lubeck; Quintana Maritime, an American society quoted on Nasdaq; and Goulandris from London.

The fleet varies according to the market prospective, allowing a high level of prudent flexibility. Periods of employment vary from 3 months to 10 years, depending on market prices.
During a period of 25 years, over 1, 000 ships have been chartered, employed and redelivered with absolute satisfaction by their respective owners.

trade has acquired such a strong reputation in the shipping world as to be considered bankable even by the Asiatic financial community.
In fact, in recent years, some Japanese ship owners, such as Abe and Imabari, through the Mitsui of Tokyo, have financed their new ships based on a long term contract with Fratelli D’Amato. In exchange, Fratelli D’Amato reserves the purchase option.

These ships already bear the D’Amato name

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